frequently asked questions
What is Streetescape?
Streetescape is an outdoor adventure game that requires only a smartphone – no prior booking or reservation needed! The game brings the city to life by testing your logic and problem-solving skills in twisty and exciting missions. Each map offers a story that puts you in the spotlight, making you the protagonist of this narrative. The outcome of the mission is up to you only. Prove your mettle and uncover the mysteries.
How does it work?
In order to play Streetescape, what you need first of all is a team. If you’ve gotten your friends together, the next step is to buy your ticket, which you can do on our website. Fill in your data, choose the method of payment, accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Information and click on the Ticket Purchase button. We will soon send you further instructions to the email address you provided when buying the ticket. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, check your spam folder. After successful payment you will be redirected to the website to start the game (Game starts automatically). If you want to play later, you can leave the page and log in later with your code that we sent you via email. From this time, you have 7 days to solve the mysteries. You also need a blind map of the chosen course which you can find in the e-mail we sent you after payment. You will find the different Stations of the game around the edges of the blind map, just like you would on an actual board game. You must take these one at a time while physically walking through the city. You will have to use the blind map for every station as well as the information received from our server. You can also send us the solution of the station via the server. If your solution is correct, you will receive the next station’s puzzle within a few seconds. Go through all the stations, solve the puzzles while not only looking but also seeing! If you are clever enough, success is surely guaranteed.
How much does it cost to play?
39.99 $ / game
What equipment will we need?
All you will need is the blind map of the course you have chosen, a well-charged smartphone, 100 MB of mobile internet and a simple pen. Of course, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes ;)
How long is the game?
The length of the game is basically up to you, but it’s worth giving the adventure at least 2,5 hours. It will probably take longer than that depending on how much time you spend sightseeing, having coffee or lunch, etc. Keep in mind that you have a maximum 7 days to complete the game after you purchased the ticket.
What if I get stuck? Will there be someone I can ask for help during the game?
We tried to make sure that the tasks are clear, so we also subjected the game to a longer test period and in our experience, everyone can solve the puzzles if they use their heads a bit. If for some reason you still can’t crack the secret, you can ask for help. We will let you know how in the description of each station’s puzzle.
What happens if we have to stop playing due to bad weather?
Streetescape is a non-stop game where you can begin at any time and take a break at any time, but you have maximum 7 days to solve the mysteries. We cannot extend the 7-day time limit, so keep the weather in mind and only begin playing if you think you can finish within the time limit.
How can I pay for my Streetescape ticket?
You can pay for your Streetescape ticket with your credit card. We will send you an invoice online when you pay. As you will not meet the Streetescape team personally, we cannot accept cash payments.